3 Hour Restorative Experiences

Restorative Yoga for Hormonal Balance

We all know that stress and busy lifestyle can cause our hormones to go haywire. Mind-body practices, such as yoga, are rapidly becoming a more popular form of treatment when it comes to reducing stress and balancing hormones.

Studies show that yoga, especially the restorative form, can help reduce cortisol levels (a hormone that helps the body respond to stress).

Among other not-so-fun symptoms, too much cortisol can cause weight gain and suppress the immune system.

When we’re happier and more peaceful, our cortisol levels are naturally lower.


Winter Dreams – Restorative/Yin Yoga

As days become shorter and colder we tend to physically move slower. It’s time to rest, reflect and restore.

Support your mind and body by this slow, meditative practice of restorative and yin yoga. Cold weather can also contribute to joint stiffness and pain – yin yoga will lubricate your joints and support mobility. Through restorative and meditative practice you will balance the nervous system and optimize energy flow to the organs in order to lift the immune function – assisting your body through the season of cold and flu.

Venue will be heated if needed, however blankets will be provided. Candlelight atmosphere with soothing tunes and lavender mix essence in the air. Herbal tea served at the end of the session.


Heart Opening Restorative/Yin Session

Physically stretching the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and belly can create a deep emotional release, helping you to appreciate and honour yourself and your loved ones. In this restorative and yin session will focus on opening your chest, collarbones and upper lungs, in order to flush toxins out of the joints and allowing your body to come into balance. It’ll also focus on heart openers to expand your chest and rib cage, making them more receptive and free, projecting confidence and outward energy.

Yoga Nidra – Deep Muscle Relaxation will also be part of this workshop.


Yoga and Harp Sound Healing Three Hour Restorative Session

Enjoy a gentle, relaxing yoga sequence, based on a combination of restorative and Yin yoga styles, complemented by a soothing, sound healing provide by a live harpist playing in the background.

The deep, slow stretching combination of Yin and Restorative yoga aims to soften and soothe your muscles, while also targeting the deep connective tissue and fascia throughout the body and activating the meridians.

The subtle stretching increases circulation in the joints improving the flexibility and lubrication.

With a slow, reflective style of practice this workshop is designed to calm your mind, relax your body and reduce stress and anxiety.

With every string played the harp resonates with the cells of the body. The sound vibrations calm the body’s energies, the nervous systems, the endocrine system and the spinal cord. This brings about a state of total calm and balance to the body in its entirety.

The peaceful, healing vibrations of live harp music, combined with Yin yoga, breathing and meditation exercises provides  an experience that will restore and regenerate your entire being.

The fusion of Yin yoga and harp forms a powerfully relaxing blend. As the yoga opens your body, the soothing vibrations of the harp sounds are absorbed easier and deeper.