SUNDAY 21 July 2019

2-4pm at ME Fitness Springfield

How about 2hrs of pure bliss?

Gentle, relaxing yoga sequence, based on Restorative and Yin yoga styles, with soothing and healing harp sounds in the background. Finish your weekend in another dimension!

Deep, slow stretches of Yin Yoga soften and soothe your muscles but also target the deep connective tissue and fascia throughout the body, activating body meridians. The subtle stretching increases the circulation in the joints improving the flexibility and lubrication. As a slow, reflective practice, it calms your mind, reducing stress and anxiety. 

As every string of the harp resonates with a cell in the body, so the vibrations calm all of the body’s energies, the nervous systems, the endocrine system and the spinal cord. This brings a total state of calm and balance to the body in its entirety.

The peaceful, healing vibrations of live harp music, combined with yin yoga, breathing, and meditation, is an experience where you will restore and regenerate your entire being.

The fusion of yin yoga and harp forms a powerfully relaxing blend. As the yoga opens your body, the soothing vibrations of the harp sounds are absorbed easier and deeper.

Props Included – bolsters, cushions, blocks, eye masks